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The Medieval walls of Lefkosia

Lefkosia renowned as the island’s metropolis, amalgamates both musty and naïf in a preoccupied contemporary commercial and business centre. The city is also a legend possessing its old culture. The heart of the city is its old quarter enveloped by a Venetian sandstone fortress wall. Deep wide ditches filled with water and a heart-shaped projection adds to the beauty of this wall. The Franks racked up the triumphant walls blanketing Lefkosia in the 14th century.

Lefkosia was containerized a pretty wide area than the 16th Venetian Walls that still enshroud the antiquated town. At the time, when the Venetians inhabited Cyprus, they formed an opinion to annihilate the Frankish Walls. This was mainly because they were outdated and could not provide satisfactory defense opposed to modern weapons like artillery. These walls were extremely proximal to the hills and near at hand to the city. Moreover, the Frankish Walls were extravagantly huge to be crewed by the Venetian Army.

Mosques and palm trees elbowroom an eastern ambiance to the old city. Mosey round dwindle streets with beetled balconies are outstanding. Delightfully, ameliorated ambulatory neighborhood packed with shops, restaurants, and café’s altogether pictures old llegendarypoetry. Not anyone who surpasses this beauty land will ever miss St. John’s cathedral with its plastered paintings and brilliant museum of Byzantine image.

The evenings portray a glimpse of beauty in the moat or an exposition at the Famagusta Gate. Being one of the realistic admittance into the old city, Famusta Gate is rejuvenated utilizing a culture center. Emerging a halo, the walls accrued by the Venetians were reformed. Medieval walls of Lefkosia were well shaped in mud-brick. Stone reinforced the downward portion. The Ottomans emendated the walls and safeguard upper portion with stones. The moat neighborhood enveloping the wall is substituted for sport meadows, parks, sculptures and parking areas etc.

The unseasoned town stretches across the walls with a contemporary Europeanized gravamen of huge buildings, commercial blocks, department stores, and public cafes, escalating into suburban residential province. Among the city’s dominant panorama, the Cyprus Museum domicile which is the popular assemblage of archaeological oeuvre on the island. This mainly includes an old ages Roman statuette of Cytherea also called Aphrodite of Soli and the prototype of tile designed Leda and the Swan. Leventis museum mirrors the chronicles of old Lefkosia. People who visit Cyprus come here to perceive the great beauty of medieval walls of Lefkosia.

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