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Cheap Holiday options for 2018


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Ideas for Exciting Low Budget Summer Holidays 2018 for Brits

If you were looking forward to a relaxing summer holidays but changed your mind, then this is the time to take the plan up. Gear up for an exciting holiday at the beaches with a low-cost short-haul flights and budget hotels. Now you can enjoy your vacation without having to think of all the money spent on flights, hotels and miscellaneous expenses as these summer spots are affordable and within your budget with return flights under £100. Just hit these super sunny places with your family and friends and have the best of sun at pocket friendly prices.


Mother of the masterpieces , Rome the Capital city of  Italy tells the story of the Roman civilization ,Roman Catholic Churches ,the Fascist movement  and Renaissance through the monuments and sculptures present all over the city.
Rome is  the  Capital of the World ,  the Eternal City , Threshold of the Apostles and  The City of the Seven Hills.
History, art, mountains, sports, business, romance , culture, religion, sea whatever be your hobby ,you will get in Rome all your enthrallments.

Historically and geographically Rome is perpetual city. The eternal characteristics of the city cannot be given into words but can be seen only by visiting  it. It is one of the largest and populous city of Italy.

Some of the beautiful  art created by Michelangelo  in the Renaissance age are restored in the museums of Rome. Very rare monuments and roman temples of the Roman civilizations are present in the city.

Today Rome is a modern city having  dynamic and diverse economy with thriving innovation, technologies, communications and service sectors also popular among business travelers from all over the world.

It was the center for the growth of Roman Civilization. The most important city for the spread of Greeko Roman culture pilgrimage for Roman Catholic .

With the rise of Christianity, the Bishop of Rome gained religious as well as political importance, eventually becoming known as the Pope and establishing Rome pilgrimage for the  followers of Catholic Church, the central point for the fascist movement, the central business point of Europe,

It has seven hills surrounding the city and enclosing two  separate countries  in itself.
Two rivers Aniene and Tiber flow through Rome and the Tiber Island is present surrounded by the river. The city territory extends to the very shore.
The city of Rome surrounds the Vatican City and  the enclave of the Holy See, which is a separate sovereign state.


Tourism is inevitably one of Rome's chief industries, with many notable museums including the Vatican Museum, the Borghese Gallery, and the Musei Capitolini.

Rome is also the hub of the Italian film industry, thanks to the Cinecittà studios. The city is also a centre for banking as well as electronics and aerospace industries.
Transportation The famous mode of local transportations are the Rome metro ,a 2-line subway system. The airport is Leonardo
Da Vinci where operates direct flights from all part of Europe.

There are a hundreds of hotels and accommodations in the city. Before you visit you can check the costs and facilities provided by the hotels.

There are mostly the Roman Greek culture that was carried from the history to the present day and a big center for the followers of Roman Catholic. Recently a population of the Followers of Islam have also migrated to the city.

Even the food of Rome is one of the favorites of the world liked by everybody and the popular ones are the Pizza and Pasta.

It is also the main center for the Fashion Industry and the film Industry.

Many international headquarters, government ministries, conference centers, sports venues and museums are located in Rome.

Malaga in Southern Spain

Malaga in Southern Spain is a place which guarantees lots of sunshine and beach. It is a starting point for Andalucia and Costa del Sol. It is accessible and quite affordable with many cheap flights operating from the UK. It is one of the best holiday spots for leisurely lunches and yacht fun in beautiful harbors.

Alicante in Spain

Beautiful beaches and beach resorts are all close to the Costa Blanca. Alicante in Spain has some great beaches. It is one of the favorite places for the Brits when it comes to choosing Spanish holiday spots. Alicante has some historic Mediterranean ports which speak of the culture and heritage. The stylishly beautiful and classic ports have several cafe lined streets, outdoor markets for picking up souvenir and the best seafood and rice serving restaurants and joints. The place promises loads of sun, sand and water sports for families on vacation.

Corfu in Greece


Corfu is a great holiday spot in Greece. The beautiful olive groves, long stretch of empty white beaches next to the great azure blue sea is quite a picturesque. It offers both scenic beauty and traditional hospitality with some great resorts and taverns for a relax summer holiday.

Pula in Croatia

Though Croatia is a very popular holiday spot for the British people, it still is less frequented when it comes to Spain or France. The place has some amazing beaches and islands along the Istrian and Dalmatian Coast, which are ideal for holidays in the super sunny and hot months. The place also offers value for money.

Tenerife in Spain

The largest and most populous island of the seven Canary Islands, Tenerife is quite a place to enjoy the summer. Millions of tourists flock every year for its lovely beaches and resorts. It is dominated by Mt. Teide which is the third largest volcano in the world. The place has some amazing scenic beauty.
For more options, tourists can also try Antalya in Turkey. It is the eight most populous city of Turkey. It has some great resorts and beaches which are ideal spots for summer holidays. The city speaks volumes about its cultural heritage and history. Museum hopping, horse riding, water sports like parasailing to jet skiing is all possible at this great holiday spot.  Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt is great for sun soaking as it has sunshine almost all year. The blue Red Sea with beautiful and colorful corals offers some divine scenic beauty.