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Loooking For Last Minute Summer Holiday? Some Inspiration and Tips.


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It is always good to book your holiday in advance but even you have not booked yet, there are many last minute offers comes when summer starts. Some destination tips for your travel ideas:

Skopelos is a beautiful island of Greece. It is a part of Northern Sporades. It lies between Skiathos and alonissos. It is bigger in size as compared to Skiathos but this place is comparatively less commercialized. But since it has got natural beauty therefore it is gaining popularity among tourists year after year. 

The largest coast line of this island lies in its North West side. This is a very exposed part of the island. There are many cliffs that are rising from the sea making this coast more impressive. The southern coast line of the island is comparatively calmer. The water on this coast line is crystal clear and quiet calm. There are many pine trees covering the beaches and making the view more beautiful. There are many idyllic coves also on its south coast. Almost every beach on the island is very well organized. There are umbrellas, sun beds etc at the beach spots. 

There are many kinds of water sports also which one can enjoy at these beaches. However there are some quiet beaches also. The very first antique settlement that was built here is situated at the north western part of the island. It is called as peparithos. It is believed that this antique settlement was actually built by the staphylos. Staphylos is a mythological character and is believed to be the son of god Dionysus and Ariadne. Now days the capital of Skopelos island is situated in the east of island. It is called as Skopelos town. The houses are built amphitheatrically here. It is also the main harbor of the island. The houses are all white colored and all of them have tiled roofs. Another harbor of the Skopelos Island is the beautiful village of glossa. There are many other villages in the island. Most of them are situated on hill sides. 

There are plenty of pine trees in the island. These trees truly enhance the beauty of the island. All the villages present a magnificent view. There are some very old houses in these villages which belong to Venetian era. These are well preserved by the people here. The houses have small flower gardens in front of them. There are some Byzantine monuments in the island also. There are many beautiful churches also in these villages. The beaches of the island are extremely colorful. The landscape that surrounds these beaches is also very beautiful. There is lot of greenery in the island. This island has got very rich vegetation. There are many restaurants, cafes and taverns in the island. The night life of Skopelos Island is not as colorful and live as in the other parts of Greece but there are still cafes and bars that provide services till late night. The night life is neither too loud nor too boring, you can term it satisfactory. 

Marbella, Spain
Beach resort of Marbella is the most famous in Spain. Earlier, the town was a sphere of unrestricted pleasurable activity for both the rich and the famous. Tourists from Northern America tend to settle here as they explored the beauty of this town. Land prices were cheap those days, but gradually as foreigners flowed here, the rates tend to increase a bit high. Golf lovers usually come to this place, as there are mind-blowing golf courses all over Marbella. Moreover, it is easy to visit the nearby places like Malga and Algeciras with cheap transportations like cars and busses. The area is also provided for the autovia, and the near at hand airport is at Malaga.

Upscale restaurants are the most wanted in Marbella. Olivia Valere possess an enthusiastic bar with beverages form all the over the world and even the local tastes of Spain. Night discos are also a prominent feature of this hotel. Arabian wall is an eye-catchy spot in Marbella, which has the most visitors. Monuments and museums transform Marbella to an outstanding vicinity. Bonsai museum is the widely known place for unique paintings and arts in Spain. Museo del Grabado Español Contemporáneo is yet another stage for art and perfection. Old city center possess the arts and accessories that are completely traditional. Playa de la Bajadilla and Playa de Fontanilla are two captivating beaches that tend to appeal the visitors. Possessed with golden sand and blue waters, Marbella stands out to be the cleanest beaches in Spain.

Encarnation's Church is the symbol of Roman Catholic Church of old Spain. Still now, Spanish people mostly are Roman Catholic Christians. They celebrate each and every Saints remembrance in the form of Fiestas that is normally being held on the streets. Due to the immense flow of tourists to this place, the economy of the town totally changed and this led corruption by the senior authorities. However, this did not affect the tourism development or the people. Still there is competition to acquire the senior position in the state. Villages are also updated by cleaning the surroundings.
Marbella is heavenly beautiful and is a land of milk and honey, this is one of the major factors why people permanently migrate to Marbella. Hotels and other entertainments are not that costly. Living and food expenses are still cheaper in this place as the villagers are too hardworking and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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